MAKE YOUR PILGRIMAGE with Colorado based Pilgrim Design Company. Built to partner with local and distant purveyors of design, craft, and ingenuity, Pilgrim is simply the pseudonym for designer Cameron Nelson's studio. Created to be a partner on your pilgrimage, Pilgrim is here to equip others to kickstart their new or existing venture. In a world or job where you can feel alien, Pilgrim was made to aid you to your ultimate destination. Our provisions include, but are not limited to: illustration, identity design, brand development and strategy, apparel, and art direction.

Based in Laporte, Colorado, outside of the Poudre Canyon and Fort Collins, Pilgrim is inspired by home and travel. The tension of wanderlust drives the work Pilgrim strives to make. Focused on industries like outdoor recreation, food and beverage, and sustainability – authenticity for a clients venture can lead to great results. So please, stay a while or wander around the site.